Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fear, Less & Fear/LESS

Fear, Less & Fear/LESS

MORE is all about the fear & avoidance of LESS be it:

• compared to others,
• the prospect of diminished of the quality of life
• the extinction of sense of self which is identified as body.

It’s all about LESS (masked as MORE) also because:

• too ‘much of MORE’ was promised or implied
• and if one gets LESS they are ‘less’ worthy

And that’s the LESS-ON
(ENOUGH Already!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why MORE Prevails Over ENOUGH (4)

(Back by Unpopular Demand)

Why MORE Prevails Over ENOUGH (4)

The hope (1) of prevailing over death (2) through acquisition(3)
(But you can’t purchase immortality)

Thus MORE & MOREONS prevail

(1) Hope – ‘deferred disappointment’ (Ambrose Bierce)
(2) The extinction of the physical body which ‘moreso’ than not is identified as oneself.
(3) Cain, in Hebrew, also mean ‘acquisition’
(4) And Shaddai, in Hebrew, also means God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough.