Saturday, May 20, 2017

The MORE Matrix

The MORE Matrix
(extracted from my writing  Ascending or Escaping The MORE Matrix – Controlling More-Ons)–
written December 8, 1999
The fear of extinction feeds the overriding cultural Matrix of The More Messiah – regardless or communist, capitalist or socialist orientations.
          As Dennis Prager once stated, “the first word out of the baby’s mouth is mama (love), the second word Dada (security), and every other word thereafter – more.”
          More has become the Idol and Savior. The More Matrix enslaves and violates the commandments of envy (accepting and developing one’s portion) and idolatry.
          Be it money, knowledge, connections, learnedness – there is always an external “if only” underlying drive for More which ironically exposes the Matrix’s prey (not pray) upon and reinforcing LACK. There is no LACTOSE intolerance in the More Matrix.
          The trick, it seems, is how to escape the prison of the More Matrix (boundary crossing – the mean meaning of the word Hebrew) without just relocating into another palliative cell – another Matrix? Trading one matrix for another matrix and a player to be named later or undisclosed other considerations – would be just rearranging the seats on the Titanic feeding a Matrix Eveready batteries instead of Duracell.
“Everything eats,” Guirjeff said. “And,” metaphorically he stated, “man’s negativity feeds the moon.”
          The More Matrix eats off of the envy, desire, acquisition and idolization of more as the Savior currency and its external comparison’s and negativity (we’re number one, you’re not; let me cut off my brother’s head so I am taller).
          In More is the Less-on as More Better Now has ironically habit of becoming ‘Less Worse & Later’
          (p.s. is it any wonder that all financial planners, in this Matrix, are More-ons?)