Saturday, September 18, 2010

Temptation, More & Character

When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.
Italian Proverb

When the game of life is over, the only thing we take with us is our character.
Ironically, necessary for character building is tests (nes) in form of life temptations.

Temptation, however “presented,” manifests as ‘more, better and or now’ (1) as the ‘present situation’ is ‘not enough.’ If what we are and what we have was ‘enough,’ there would be no temptation nor would there be succumbing to temptation.

Ironically, temptation’s aim is not succumbing but rather it is an ally to character building – completing (shelemut) our incompletions.

Otherwise, without temptation how would character flaws, incompletions be limited, restricted or conquered?

Temptation is character’s foil or foil (down fall)

Consequently, temptation, manifested as ‘more,’ is both acculturated and hard wired. As a result, enough, be it ‘enough to live for, enough to live on,’ healing financial anxiety putting money in its place to proceed to significance – why I am, what I am meant to be do and be,’ is an uphill struggle, losing ‘more’ often than the Washington Generals lose to the Harlem Globetrotters, as there is never enough. Enough is futile though not delusional.

“As soon as you win the fight for hotdogs, they want hamburger, and after they get
hamburger, they want steak”
Saul Alinsky (yes, Saul Alinsky, my conservative friends as he has been mischaracterized)

The insatiability for more is originates from the fear of bodily physical extinction (identified as oneself) which germinates the delusional strategy of acquisition (Cain in Hebrew – yes, Cain – means acquisition). Thus Temptations (2) manifest one way or another) as more, better, now (not enough). Though temptation is the parasite we are the hosts.

Character pawn of a king, foil or foiled character – that is man’s work this year and every year relative to the his entry into the Book of Life on Yom Kippur.

(1)- more, better, now typically, in time, becomes ‘less, worse, later.’
(2) – on stage next: The Four Tops – sloth, anger, gluttony & pride

PS The above is why Enough (enough to live on; enough to live for) is a struggle

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