Sunday, May 1, 2011

Personal Financial Planner Synonym for MORE-tician

Personal Financial Planner Synonym for MORE-tician
MORE, MOREs, MORE-ality, & IM-MORE-tality

If per Krishnamurti, ‘hope is the absence of happiness,’ more (for more sake) is the absence of meaning).

More is the palliating band aid that diverts examination and the search for meaning IN one’s life.

More, a derivative of acquisition, which is veil redirecting, distracting, filling time while crowding out questions of meaning and significance IN one’s life, bleeds into our MOREes (which are appropriately named in pun terms).

And it is consistent that personal financial planning is about more (regardless how much lipstick is put on that pig) practiced by MORE-ons (including fee only planners compensated by a percentage of assets under management).

MORE-tician should become a synonym for personal financial planner.

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