Monday, October 17, 2011

From My Forthcoming Book: (Inner) Journeys with Goodie: Wanting What You Have & Conniving

(Inner) Journeys with Goodie: Wanting What You Have & Conniving

He who knows he has enough is rich – Tao Te Ching

Finally, I got a bedroom (maybe 10’ by 15’) that I didn’t have to share with my brother in our small row house. Still, if our neighbors Terry and David were fighting I could hear the muffled yelling through the common wall – but I didn’t care, I had my own room.

Now I live effectively in the largest doghouse (Bet Kelev – The House of Dog) in Colorado at the mercy of three standard poodles (who think they hold a first by their mere presence), frustrated that I can’t find room on my bookshelves for another unread book, I forget that 10 by 15 room.

Others have told me stories of scrimping and saving to have that Friday afternoon ice cream soda with their insignificant other when struggling and now gvetch about the wonderful house with kitchen granite tops they live in – fully paid off – forgetting the formica counter top of old.

What we came from becomes merely nostalgia rather than today remembered in gratitude.

It seems there is ‘never enough.’

Yet, never enough is the hamster wheel, wanting what you have that’s the cheese (though there is never enough cheese – in particular – Monterey Colby – for Her Royal Highness).

Given Elle’s cancer and both Moses’ and Goodie’s brushes with death this year alone, each day additional day with them reminds me of ‘what’ is enough and to ‘want what I have’ putting the book mischagass (craziness) in perspective.

Wise guy Goodie hasn’t yet gotten this message of ‘enough.’
At fetch, Goodie still hasn’t given up on getting two tennis balls into her mouth even if at she loses the ball already in her mouth to an ever waiting Elle.
More, better, now becomes less, worse & later and that is the “less”on.

Regardless, this doesn’t deter my Goodness Gracious Goodie the AKC ‘Best in Class’ Conniver Schemer for ‘more.’

Goodie’s food portion (cooked or prepared tar tar served with a waiter’s cloth napkin adorning my forearm) seems to never be enough. (You’d think she was another scamp from the cast of Oliver singing ‘More’). Thus, if I’m not looking, she goes for anything left over in Elle’s or Moses’ bowl or worse and I go in the other room – she’s counter cruising.

And when caught, she just licks her lips, gives that Eddie Haskell smirk as if threatening to call social services or Jerry Springer.

Fetch, food, wrestle – it’s not enough for Goodie.

She’ll learn.
‘More’ than I can say for the human condition.

“Who is rich? He that rejoices in his portion”

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