Friday, December 7, 2012

Dirt, Mud & Sludge: More vs Enough

Dirt, Mud & Sludge: More vs Enough

            In Hebrew adom (man) is derived from adama (from dirt -earth).
            Indeed, we are the Adams Family needing to wash our hands

            As dark is necessary for light, the dirt from which we came is fundamental to the cleansing process of creation. The process: incomplete creation, cleansing, confusion, descending (down to go up – Egypt to Israel), and re-ascension.

Sha-dai (in Hebrew) =(Sha)Who-(dai) Enough

A Dirty Personal Financial Life Planning Demonstration 
of More vs Enough

When I conducted personal financial planning life workshops, I demonstrated how more, better, now became ‘worse, less, and later’ through a simple exercise.

Necessary for the demonstration was:

· a willing volunteer (preferably a doubting ‘more-on’)
· two fistfuls of dirt
· a sprinkling can
· a towel
· a trowel

The demonstration proceeded as follows:

1. I’d ask the volunteer to put out both hands – into each I would put a good size lump of dirt with the trowel
2. I would sprinkle water onto the dirt in one hand – till it absorbed.
3. Then I would continue to sprinkle water until it became mud
4. Not satisfied, I would continue to sprinkle water until the mud itself was liquid –running through the volunteers
5. Being the kind gentle normal person I am I would then offer my assistance with towel to dry off the first hand
6. Next I would sprinkle water on the dirt in the second hand and stop as soon as it was absorbed by the dirt without it becoming mud or dripping.

I then would turn to the audience and ask (which still stunned)), “what is the moral of this demonstration?” (No one ever answered!)

And the moral of the demonstration I would finally tell them, is: more vs enough: more, better, now has a way of becoming less, worse, and later slipping through your fingers.

Thus, the ‘less-on’ of ‘more vs enough’ aka trowel and error OR ‘dropping trowel.’

"Dear God, give us another oil boom and, this time, we promise we won't piss it away’
Bumper Sticker

            Neither a Hoover Windtunnel™, nor a Eureka Smart Vac™, let alone Dyson and its claimed suction power – is enough to clean and cleanse the dirt turned sludge and mire from  more, more, more.
            Instead of ascending, more, in time, descends.

            The question isn’t more (which slips through one’s fingers) or a particular number (which gets recalibrated) but ‘enough’ of Sha-dai: enough to live for – enough to live on as a member of Adam’s Family

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