Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Story of The Black Sheep & More

The Story of The Black Sheep & More

Grabbing too much winds up with nothing
Rabbi Akiva

            Most interpreters of the story of the black sheep story come to conclusion that the black sheep was ostracized, removed, banished, expelled,  and or rejected.
             Au contraire, mon ami, Francois.
The black sheep knew that the farmer’s good care and feeding wasn’t out of the kindness in his heart, but rather to fatten up the sheep for thicker lambchops (sans Shari Lewis and Charley Horse) increasing his compensation at slaughter.
            Rather than waiting for the inevitable, the black sheep choose escape (with the further secondary gain of not having to endure his sheepish relatives including Pearl Schwartz & Cousin Junior at “Passover”.)
            Therefore, the black sheep – rather than being an outcast – proactively took it on the lamb as he ‘knew more would be less – the end of him’ unlike the ‘more-on’ mutton heads who remained.
            This black sheep was no Pascal lamb.

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