Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SIN (Chet), Lacking & MORE

 SIN (Chet), Lacking & MORE

            From an etymological perspective, SIN is derived from the Greek meaning ‘missing the mark.’
            In 1 Kings 1-21, SIN (chet in Hebrew) connotes lacking.

            The concept of  MORE is the insinuations that:
1.      without MORE one is lacking and therefore LESS or
2.      one has LE$$ and therefore not as worthy.

‘Having’ LESS implies lacking (NOT having or being ENOUGH) which ‘if only’ there was MORE one wouldn’t be – missing the marking (Greek) or chet (SINning).
            How clever the chetting of the Yetzer MORE & its advertising acolytes pitching selling if only’ MORE or you are less’ and therefore you need MORE. Derivatively, systemically even some of our organized pulpit religions sell ‘AFTER LIFE INSURANCE  (MORE) subsidized by tax deductible contributions to get MORE .

           Thus, personal financial planning’s MOREon-chondria contextually is understandable as well as reinforced.         


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