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MORE Hyper Chondria© It’s Worrying Causes Up To 5 Yr Lifespan Reduction

MORE Hyper Chondria©  It’s Worrying Causes Up To 5 Yr Lifespan Reduction

No worries
(Gen X cliché)..
What me worry?
(Alfred E Newman, Mad Magazine)

·         The Yetzer WORRY is a Jewish genetic inclination
·         The Yetzer WORRY (a derivative of the human condition Yetzer MORE  
·         The Yetzer WORRY reinforces  and  geometrically compounds:

The Yetzer MORE
·         Can take 5 years off of one’s life span
·         Once the Yetzer WORRY #1 is solved,  ‘the Yetzer WORRY  #2 is promoted giving rise to in the personal financial realm the following Yetzer MORE excuses:

·         I’m older now
·         That was then, this is now
·         I don’t have the energy
·         It’s a different world
·         China’s impact
·         The demographics have changed
·         Average middle class income is down
·         Jim Cramer says
·         That was then; this is now
·         The economy is artificial with the Federal Reserves low interest rates
·         Social security is a ponzi scheme
·         And the golden oldie that never gets old, ‘you don’t understand…I have to make more to have enough which I can’t tell you what enough is’
·         etc

Per a UK study, worrying - even  small stuff may cause us to worry for up to two hours a day which results in taking up to 5 years off your life not to mention reducing the quality of one’s life & health  with these worrisome preoccupations. Just think about (when not palliating in an altered state) the compounding imperative “never ENOUGH” generating & bolstering the compulsion of MORE MORE MORE beyond ENOUGH aka  MORE Hyper Chondria©.

            When worry and or its stress controls, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi stated ‘it could be a killer.’

Now per the study and subsequent comments in the media, one can treat the symptoms (i.e. talk about your worries and concern), know the facts to prevent escalating catastrophizing as  Albert Ellis termed it, even list the worries attempting to determine the cause and how to prevent or minimize the causes, effects, and discontinue worrying about the past and things one has no control over (easier said than done).

But, one can treat – manage – not eliminate - an underlying cause of Yetzer WORRY and its sub-derivative     MORE Hyper Chondria©  by:

1.      finding/discovering meaning IN one’s own life (their significance and mission) – enough to live for
2.      knowing what is ENOUGH – enough to live on – to enable #1 and thus reduce  the MORE Hyper Chondria©

Given the foundation fear of extinction (which man identifies as the body) and pain -  the total elimination of the Yetzer WORRY is fantasy as worry can also be useful in protection and caution.

He crosses his bridges before he comes to them. He gets it from his father
Mom, Rhea Schwartz on my worry at age 8

            Of course, this essayist writes the above recognizing full well recognizing his own hypocrisy and knowing we teach what we need to learn ourselves. We all self induce and suffer from & to some extent  Yetzer WORRY and MORE hyper Chondriacs© derivative however manifested.
            Finally, the  MORE hyper Chondriac© phenomena is  a dilemma between reduced longevity and the worry of ‘not having ENOUGH’ is illustrated by a Jack Benny comedy skit. When Benny was being held up at gunpoint by a robber, he was given a choice by the bandit who asked,“your money or your life?” Benny responded, responded, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” 

Pawnote: If all else fails –get a dog as an AIG study indicates the company of a dog or dogs increases human lifespan/longevity 7 years – which makes one a plus 2 (+2) in hockey terms offsetting the Yetzer WORRY& Yetzer MORE’s 5 year deficit.

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