Saturday, June 24, 2017

MORE: The Instinctual Basis & Maslow

MORE: The Instinctual & ‘Maslow’

While Dennis Prager postulates that the second or third word out of a baby’s mouth after Mama and Da Da is ‘more’, his characterization is close like in horseshoes but by behavior the first action by the baby is the demand for ‘more' superseding language.

More, which I have in the past postulated as habituated even acculturated, has an instinctual basis reinforced by habituation and acculturation 

(per an email I sent to a friend named Mordecai:

Mordecai - (notice MORE in Mordecai?)

As I hypothesize,  'more' is the first behavior it is the derivative of the sequence – cascade of:

Identification with body
          Fear of extinction of the body
                   Lack (immortality – not to be extinct – the body)
                             If Only (immortality of body)
                                      Acquisition (Cain in Hebrew) the strategy
                                                To Get
                                                          To Have

(Think it is a coincidence in marriage vowels they state 'to have and to hold' till death (or a divorce lawyer) do (due?) you part???

Thus, one could say - despite Maslow’s hierarchy arguing differently – MORE is instinctual and overrides

Regardless how one moves up Maslow's hierarchy - even to self actualization - the movement is to more. The only difference is as one moves up - it's to the next 'more' (which is never enough)

Thus, Maslow's hierarchy is that of More – and we are MOREons.

And the spelling of Mas-low itself may be a give away as: “Mas” - in Spanish is More- and Low is little diminutive (less????) - not enough.

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