Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Down From The Bimah: An Enough Story

Going Down From The Bimah: An Enough Story

Judaic thinking has it that greater help should be given to the rich – wealthy who lose it than those who are poor to begin with. How come?

A Jewish fable.

One of the traditional perks for the President of the Synagogue is to sit next to the Rabbi on the bimah (the raised platform/”stage” in the synagogue from which the Torah is read and services are led). When the President’s term of office was up, so was his perk sitting next to the Rabbi on the bimah where the newly elected President now would sit.

It seems, once out of office, the former President didn’t adjust to well to not being the Synagogue President as he made life difficult for the new President at almost every juncture – causing splits in the congregation.

Finally, the Rabbi got the two together and revolved the situation after much inner squabbling and difficulty. (Rumor has it the title of President Emeritus was created as well as a prominently displayed photo of this past president and all past Synagogue presidents now adorns a wall outside the sanctuary.)

The morals of the story: it is easier to go up to the ‘bimah’ than to come down from it; it is harder to go from wealth to loss of wealth versus not having wealth to begin with.

Given our more, more, more culture accentuated by the Obama Administration spend, spend, spend (shop till you drop) multiple trillion deficits (spun as investment), the bill (less, worse, later) & coming down from the bimah has come due.

In more, more, more culture transforms spending oughtas and nicetas into must required ‘gottas.’ The prospect of less –means that those gotta nouveau nicetas and oughtas are reduced or eliminated. The oughtas and nicetas come down from the bimah for most but for others they stay on & are elevated on the bimah via theft & confiscation euphemized as ‘social justice, hope and change, socialism via regulation and redistribution of wealth).

It’s ‘enough’ to drive one to drinking Jim Beam-ah..

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