Monday, November 14, 2011

The New American Scheme Dream: Sodom & GaMOREah – More & Without Risk (Payment or Loss)

The New American Scheme Dream: Sodom & GaMOREah –
More & Without Risk (Payment or Loss)

“I’m a conservative investor. All I seek is 15% after inflation with no risk”
Actual Statement by A Then Fortune 1000 Chairman of the Board in the ‘90’s

It hasn’t changed.
On one hand, more, more, more (or you are less, less, less) is the siren call of our culture while, on the other hand, while we want more, more, more to be riskless (thus giving rise to the phenomenal growth litigation industry).
Ironically, I now append the motto more, better, now becomes less, worse, later to ‘more, better, now, without risk becomes less, worse, later, and loss.’

When Ben Franklin rhetorically asked ‘what is rich?’ and answered himself with ‘he is who is content,’ followed with the question, ‘who is that?’ and answered himself, ‘nobody!’
There is never ‘enough.’

Now it’s keep the profits private and socialize the risks (offing the risks to taxpayers) for banks; walk away from home loans and student loans individually playing the victim card rather than ‘manning up’ (1) and offing the risks to taxpayers.
Defaulting and bailouts are the same: the disintegration of responsibility as a virtue justified as social justice or for fear of systemic risk – but avoidance of accountability and payment just the same.
Heads I win – tails everyone else loses and pays ‘for me.’
This MOREonic behavior – has become normative.

The ‘Cultural Imperialism’: More, Riskless sans Responsibility.
Sodom & GaMOREah

(1) ‘manning up’ has become a perjorative in this politically correct nonetheless victim vulture culture society

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