Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Than A Mouthful: Fetching More vs Enough

More Than A Mouthful: Fetching More vs Enough

Despite repeated efforts, over and over and over and over again, each day and every day twice a day when we play fetch, Goodie attempts unsuccessfully to put not only the ball thrown for her into her mouth but also Moses’. And with each attempt to place two balls into her mouth, pawing, pushing & batting as she might, Goodie inevitably drops the ball already in her mouth and is frustrated.
More than a mouthful is a waste in ‘more’ ways than one.

In seeking more, more, more it’s not unusual to the drop the ball we already have. More better now has a habit of becoming ‘worse, less, later’ whether in Goodie playing fetch, in personal financial planning or other life experiences.
One ball never seems to be ‘enough’ for Goodie (regardless of frustration) nor is enough seem to ever be enough for us in personal financial planning or life in general as if ‘there’s got to be more.’

MoreOnic behavior.

So we sacrifice what we need for what we don’t need.
Why do entrepreneurs make it lose it make it lose it – ad infinitum -despite advice to become independent of their independent businesses by having ‘enough’ in diversified passive protected assets regardless of their entrepreneurial ups and downs?
The question is why?

Having enough would cause an assessment of finding meaning IN one’s life?
More is hard wired and reinforced culturally to become habitual?
More validates in an external comparative sense to others?
More diverts, deflects from dealing with fear of extinction (which most identify as their physical body) while palliating through acquisition?

When Ben Franklin rhetorically asked ‘what is rich?’ and answered himself with ‘he is who is content,’ followed with the question, ‘who is that?’ and answered himself, ‘nobody!’

And so, again today, in attempting to secure both balls in her mouth, Goodie paws, pushes, and bats to no avail – and neither ball is secure in her mouth.

Yes, more than a mouthful is a waste.

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