Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jewish Tails (With A BITE): The MORE response©

Jewish Tails (With A BITE): The MORE response©

There are many so called ‘responses’ not the least of which are the following:

• The Relaxation Response (made famous by Dr. Herbert Benson): a group of physiologic changes that cause decreased activity of the sympathetic nervous system and consequent relaxation after stimulation of certain regions of the hypothalamus. (In others, this response de-stresses one).

• The Fetch Response: the repetitive happy presentation of object (in particular, tennis balls by Her Majesty Goodie) to retrieve after toss or soulful eyes presentation of ball engendering Jewish guilt so as to continue More throwing the retrieving process ad infinitum if she had her way – as this never Enough fetch.

• The Kfetech Kevetch Response: bortzing, complaining, whining but particular by this Jewish companion animal guardian (reality – serf) for Her Royal Highness’ incessant unending (if allowed) desire for fetch and yet he continues to give in. (She loves fetch, he must love kevetching better than the relaxation response.)

Goodie, Elle and I would play fetch in the backyard twice a day – the first time, in the morning and secondly late afternoon.
(Moses, my faithful chevrutah, still prefers being first on the chair with me when I study to ball).

I would throw three to four balls. And invariably Goodie, still without success, tries to put two rubber balls in her mouth. And even when she has a rubber ball in her mouth, the one Elle is fetching looks better – MORE .

I can only wonder through osmosis if the proclivity and preference towards MORE has been transferred in domesticating our dogs, as Goodie, with tennis ball already in her mouth, would go after Elle’s ball in a ‘burning bush’ because it might better.

Announcing (drum roll please), now for the first time - alluded to but unnamed here to date is for your personal financial taxonomy classification: The MORE response©

The MORE response©: Stimulated/motivated by the delusional quest to overcome inevitable extinction of the physical (which one identifies as ‘himself’), the The MORE response©, is a derivative of acquisition (Cain), which seeks to gain THE permanent, THE certain, and THE continuous thus, overcoming the inevitable physical extinction (a delusion) or at least palliating oneself in the interim.
Practitioners (whether consciously or unconsciously, lay or professional) of The MORE response© are affectionately referred to as MOREONs.
The MORE response© masquerades and is exemplified as follows:

• If only, if only, if only, if only, if only
• But what if, but what if, but what if
• Yes but, yes but, yes but
• I’m too busy getting more so I’ll have enough (which I don’t have time to calculate)

The MOREON response©:

1. Sacrificing what one needs for what one doesn’t need
2. MORE, Better, Now…

The MOREON response© ReBUTTal:

1. MORE, Better, Now… which typically becomes LE$$, worse, later.
2. “The More fat, the More disease. The More possessions, the More worry. The More wives, the More rivalry. The More maids, the More frivolity. The More butlers, the More theft.”
Rabbi Hillel, Pirke Avot 2:8

The ENOUGH Response ©:
Enough to live on; Enough to live for

The ENOUGH Irony©

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