Thursday, July 5, 2012

Never Enough: The Korach Within

 Never Enough: The Korach Within 

Isn’t it enough that the God of Israel has distinguished you from the congregation of Israel, drawing you near to Him, to perform the service  of God’s Tabernacle and to stand before the congregation, to be their ministers?
Moses to Korah: Pashas Korah 16:9

            (Note: (Note: The above is not to be confused with pulpit Rabbi admonishing the former envious SINagague congregational president who still wanted to be on the Bimah next to the Rabbi at Saturday services a position given only to the current congregational President .)
            Never enough.
            Goodie still in futility daily during ball to get both her and Moses’ (oh, the irony) ball concurrently in her mouth – as one tennis ball isn’t enough.

Never Enough!
            Let me cut off my brother’s head so I can be taller
            Never Enough!
            To paraphrase Mencken, ‘(I happy) as long as my sister’s husband makes $100 less a week than my husband.’
            Never Enough.
            All the personal financial goals funded – ‘I need a cushion just in case’
            Never Enough.
            Okay, I have the cushion – but ‘I finally got the means to the ends and now I want to move the ends (again)’
            Never Enough: Is MORE - The Korach Within.

My dog’s faster than you dog
My dog’s bigger than your dog
My dog’s better cause he gets Ken-L Ration
My dog’s bigger than yours
Ken-L-Ration commercial 1963

Never Enough goes back to the snake tempting Eve as well as the story of Cain (acquisition in Hebrew) and Abel. Whereas Abel offered ‘the first yearlings’ to God because God was Shaddai (God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough), Cain, whose idea the sacrifice was, didn’t offer ‘the first/best yearlings’ keeping the best ‘More’ for himself as Shaddai wasn’t enough.

            Even though at Passover we sing the song Dayenu (Enough) where each lyric line begins (prior to the melody) with ‘it would have been enough (dayenu).’
            The day after, the 42” plasma TV isn’t enough – we need a 50” screen chamatz TV.
            Never Enough: MORE - The Korach Within

            It is said that in the punishment is in the sin: Never Enough (The Korach Within) – aka more, better, now has a habit of becoming worse, less, later. Still – even experiencing the aforementioned, we repeat sacrificing what we need for what we don’t need (MORE). 
The relative external comparison ranking amongst men is the idolized god. And the name of this faux deity ‘If Only.’
Never Enough: The Korach Within – If Only.

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