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Lack-tose Intolerance, ENOUGH, & THE Invisible

                                      Lack-tose Intolerance, ENOUGH, & THE Invisible

Shaddai means G-d, G-d Almighty, Enough
Rabbi Mordecai Twerski to this writer

            “There is no completeness in matters of this world. We always lack for something in the realm of physical pleasures. If you have everything else, you still may want for the pleasure derived from respect. Or you may want because of sexual desire. We always lack for something,” per Kedushat Levi commentary on Torah by 19th century Rabbi Levi Yitzchak.
(Without our perceived ‘lacking’ ((failings and evil)) what justification is there for annual after life insurance premiums ((congregational dues)) and special assessments for the eternal new wing on the Church or The SINagogue Fund?)

“The more flesh, the more worms;
The more property, the more anxiety;
The more wives, the more witchcraft;
The more maidservants, the more lewdness;
The more man servants, the more robbery
Hillel Avot 218

            Lacktose intolerance is epidemic.
            And we are lackadaisical about questioning ourselves about the underlying premise of this lack contagion (as we are too busy seeking more to have enough which is never enough and thus the tautological lack pandemic thrives.)
            Thus, we are LACKeys
            And note: this lacktose intolerance is not related to diary products.

            Given ‘never enough’ – lacking is all-ways.
            Solve lack #1, lack #2 is promoted.
            (There’s no picking up the slack when one’s in lack)

            The presentational symptom & effect of this lackadaisical lacktose intolerance is the every increasing futile pursuit of Sisphusian more.

            Furthermoremore doesn’t complete nor soothe the savage lack. more is adaptive recycling to lack which requires more – in dosage, amount, degrees, etc. (Todays’ 2014 Subaru is better in terms of reliability, safety,  comfort, and affordability  than then 1994 Mercedes – the 2014 Subaru is never enough – a 2014 Mercedes ((more )) is preferred or better yet a Tesla!)

            And while more more moremore, better, now has a way of becoming less, worse, later ©– at the heart of more is the desire for permanence, continuity, certainty – in a word – immortality extinguishing the inevitable extinction.

The word ‘Esther’ (as in the Esther of Purim) is related to the root word ‘hester’ which means ‘I will hide.’ The holiday of Purim itself is a symbol of concealment. And uniquely, the Book of Esther, unlike all the other books of Torah, has not one mention of Hashem. And also note it is in Deuteronomy wherein Hashem states ‘I will hide my face’

            While wanting what one has, knowing what ‘enough’ is monetarily, and realizing one’s own enoughness (adaptability and resourcefulness) – may soothe & manages the savage lack (though seemingly never to be cured), the question becomes: how does one deal and or cope – reversion to the continued habituated acculturated hamster wheel of more, ennui resignation, or faith in the concealed, the invisible, the hiding – the beyond our comprehension but with beneficent intention.

Believe in God but row away from the rocks (and cut the deck twice)
Curmudgeon saying

            Invisibility – concealment (even with infrared glasses) is contrary to materialization’s need for ‘proof’ – ‘show me.’
            Personally, I’ve struggled lack (less effectively than Jacob with the angel) I’ve rowed away from the rocks and cut the deck twice. Professionally,  I’ve seen what lack ‘has shown me,’ I’ve seen the manifestations of never ending material lack  (when clients had more  than enough, but there is always another perceived reef ahead, another feared stacked deck  manifested ad nauseum and it is always about the material.
So rather than the resignation of ennui, or just coping with more ‘light,’ by material demonstration of lack and it’s more tributary, and yes, by default as a component as well, I choose the hidden, the concealed, the invisible faith in Shaddai.

            The material is an Ecclesiastical ephemeral bet, lack is snake eyes, and more more more is for morticians and tuchass kissing MORE-on financial planner parasites  preying (not praying) on outsourcing lacktose intolerant hosts seeking more.

            As the wily Guirjieff once stated, ‘we attract our own life.’
            Lacktose intolerance MOREon Karma.

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