Friday, February 21, 2014

The Top 10 MOREon Moments©

MOREon Moments© The Top 10
By The Maven of Craven ‘Never More’ Schwartz

10.- "I heard on Cramer"
  9. – The Mercedes is a great investment
 8. – As ER doctors we see how close we are to death, so have to spend and need more
 7.-  I know, but
 6.- Yes, but
 5.- What if, but
 4-  A cushion, just in case, but
 3-  (A holding goes down) we should have bought less of, and more of x
 2. –(A holding goes up) we should have bought more of it, and less of y

And the number 1 all time MOREon moment:

       Your fault! You weren’t persuasive enough!!  (even though the professional warned the client against the investment, strategy etc.)

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