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MORE: The Sisyphusian Goal

MORE: The Sisyphusian Goal

System = a scheme of ideas or principles by which something is organized
Goal = the object intention of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

            With a ‘goal’ we seek to be ‘done.’
Done is crossing off that ‘to do’ on the ‘to do’ list. Being done - achieving that objective does give momentary satisfaction- with emphasis on momentary. But finish or attain the ‘to do’/goal #1 and the to do/goal #2  is promoted and the do, do continues unending.
This unending isn’t continuation but rather Sisyphusian. 

            There isn’t a one and done – if anything it’s a never ending one and never done – cascading into an ever increasing Anthony Newley feeling of ‘stop the world, I want to get off’ – or at least get the damn boulder off my shoulders.’
            In personal financial planning, MORE is a Sisyphusian paradigm (which gives no quarters in change). The MORE paradigm – though ‘goal oriented’ (in lip service) is really stock/etf/bond stock jockeying ‘which one (Dodge Cox balanced fund, Fidelity Contrafund or Vanguard this or that stock, bond, investment etc.), what particular kind (stock, bond, etf, index). (The MORE  paradigm stock & bond jockstraps vocalize The Fugue from Guys & Dolls, “I got the stock right here, it’s name is ….@ $70 a share.).
MORE’s supposed goal orientation is based to LACK. Since MORE is rarely defined or MORE is continually redefined out of fear of not having ENOUGH (LACKtose Intolerance), thus there is the never ending need for MORE MORE MORE.) MORE, in and of itself, becomes the goal – not retirement income, income replacement at disability, nor adequate income for heirs etc but MORE for MORE’s sake.  MORE for MORE’s sake is Sisyphusian MOREONic behavior.
            The ENOUGH paradigm, model, process, in contrast, is a system. Analogous to the Judaic Koan (Cohen in Brooklyn) of contracts break – covenants stretch, ENOUGH, may broaden within boundaries, and limitations defined and revisited for refining. And yes, the process – the system of ENOUGH is ongoing – but sans the free floating degree of anxiety of MORE MORE MORE’s LACKtose Intolerance. ENOUGH aligns personal resources relative to the desired payoffs. The ENOUGH system/process is a continuation of intention and payoff as needed.
            For example, personal financial planners may label a goal ‘retirement’ (meaning passive income necessary without working.) Wrong - if the definition stops there as this characterization confuses a means with the end (the intention). The label retirement becomes the end. Retirement may be passive income necessary without working – but its real intention may be ‘to not be beholden, to have FUability, to not be dependent on your ungrateful schnorring sons and daughters.’ (Of course, there may be alternatively positive ends stated as undefined freedom/independence or preferably what the intention would allow to do.)
            The ENOUGH system’s process, rather than being built on the  foundations of LACK and FEAR, predicated on matching assets (financial and otherwise) with desired values & intention regardless of whether they are noble or not.
            The MORE approach (The MOREON paradigm), focused on ‘which one, what kind,’ really is but reaction formation to LACK and FEAR. LACK & FEAR (not a name of a heavy metal rock group) requires MORE to get  ENOUGH which is undefined but is the rationalization for MORE. In contrast, ENOUGH concentrates on intent -  the Mission & Vision - here and hereafter (after life insurance) which in and of itself also confronts the client with:  when One Is Done.

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