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MORE & The Altered States™ Mutual Fund

MORE & The Altered States™ Mutual Fund

Against your will, you live
Ethics of The Fathers (Pirkei Avot)

            An all-encompassing theme throughout Torah (like ‘going down to go up’) is that of the involvement, withdrawal & return (Teshuvah).
            For example, on Shabbat we withdraw – separate from involvement with the secular to return again to the profane from the profound.
            (And on Shabbat it is said, the world is complete – unlike the continuous incompletion of our lives during the other days of the week.)
            Thus, there is this continuous cycle of involvement, withdrawal, and return for ‘the final return’ earned and merited.
            However, the above said, the cycle is more and more truncated avoided by the seeking of life ‘altered states’ – not just for the avoidance of pain or seeking of presentational pleasure – but the core motivation is to fill the void of emptiness (the hole in the soul) and alienation caused by a lack of meaning IN one’s life.
            When we think of altered states, this conjures up being high on drugs and or inebriated. But altered states’ to escape the aforementioned cycle include eating, entertainment, living life through others, the Broncos, and yes, readers even our dogs etc. These altered states are but pause button palliatives to band aid  – to flee the breads of our afflictions, short circuit the process of withdrawal, involvement, and return as well as the inevitable downs to go up.
            Thus, stocks involved in offering altered states is an investment theme to consider to capitalize on this ‘getting off’ palliation, and the void (the absence of finding meaning IN our lives – ‘against our (real) will.’
            For this, on behalf of the Shtup Family of Funds™, I present:

The Altered States Fund™ (symbol: OFF)

Tis better to alter than be altered
(so sayeth many a male canine)

            Turned off by the Obama -nation State of America?
            Turn off, Tune in, Drop Some Bucks into the Altered State Fund (OFF)
            OFF: invests in the following numbing/palliating/distracting mood enhancing industries:

  • Alcohol (Distill, Swill & Refill)
  • Tobacco/Pot (Wackie Tobaccie)
  • Gaming – (Thrills & Chills)
  • Sports (Bread & Circuses)
  • X Rated Entertainment (Frills, Thrills & Handbills)
  • Resorts (Sandals, Club Med etc)
  • Companion Animals (Oxytocin & Devotion)
  • Organized Religion’s Commemorative Plaques, Chachkas & Amulets
(Afterlife Insurance)

            The Altered States Fund Capitalizing On Great Escapes

A Kish Meir ‘Altered’ Tuchass Member of The Shtup © Family of Funds™
(A Tongue On Cheeks Production, 2013 update 2014)


Of course, the ultimate never ending enabler of ‘altered states’ is:
(to kiss and make – whatever - better)

            Thus altered states, in time, require – MORE : higher and higher dosages to to ‘get OFF’ and remove one self to avoid confronting the void of lack of meaning IN one’s life and to sidestep the process of involvement, withdrawal, and return – as well as  going down to go up consciously.
            Altered states often become an addiction. And addiction sells as the old Phillip Morris (now Altria) is up over 50% in the last 2 years with dividends increasing over 10% a year and still yielding 5.5% (almost 400% over 1 year treasuries).
            And so, addictive altered states compound the probability that ‘the weekends are for Michelob©’ rather than Shabbat.
            The Altered States Fund(tim): offering A HIGH potential Return on others’ divestment from life (though Return is not guaranteed and restrictions may apply to Withdrawal)

Subsequent Stickering of Altered States Fund ™Prospectus:
As of 4/01/14 The Shtup Fund appoints a new
Altered State Fund™ Co-Manager: Red ‘Matrix’ Piller, CFA.

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