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The Money Mind Part II: The MORE aka MORE-on Mind

The Money Mind Part II: The MORE aka MORE-on Mind

More is an extra material affair

            However motivated, the MORE Mind (derived from Acquisition ()one’s Savior savior from mortality in this life or at least provide temporary altered state as a diversion from the inevitable))) never is satisfied. For the The MORE Mind further sub-derived from The Happiness, Commitment or Fear Mind – there is never ENOUGH.  Thus, the The MORE Mind is analogous to the Hamster wheel enduring a circular without end Sisyphian existence. The MORE Mind, “in addition,” finds itself the captive of the following duality (read from the bottom up).

(And of course if Worthy, you’re God)*      If Worthless, you’re the Devil
If you’re Good; you’re Worthy (net worth?) If you’re Bad; you’re WorthLESS
If you are a Winner; You’re Good                If you’re a Loser: You’re Bad
If you are Better; You’re A Winner              If you are Worse – You’re A Loser
If you get More – You Are Better                If you get Less – You’re Worse
If Right – You get More                               If Wrong – you get Less
If  yes, you are Right                                      If no, you are Wrong
Yes                                                                  No

Are you useful, functional of service?

* God being just one less ‘o’ than good.

            The More-on Mind, in general, is pre-soaked by what United Capital’s Duran might call The Happiness, Commitment, or Fear Mind. The Happiness & Commitment Minds pre-soakers seek altered states (divertissements) to mask reality while The Fear Mind,  with the next ‘risk’ up what if and or but seems to be a built in genetic pre-conditioner – the only question is level and degree of activation.

            Now there is also a (faux) Enough Mind. This (faux) Enough Mind recycles to The More Mind. The stages of recycling (faux) Enough Mind to The MORE Mind (reading from the bottom up):

Become An Adventuresome Capitalist OR
Run for Political Office OR
Become a Philanthropist recycling ‘more’ to charity
Bored - I’ll know how to make ‘More’ so I can:
Avoidance of Meaning IN Their Life
My someday things (3 months, for better or worse but not for lunch)
The Sam Levinson: I finally got the means to the end (Enough), and I moved the ends (again)
Ok, I need a cushion to Enough, just in case
Quantitatively having Enough
What is Enough (enough to live on)?

            While the Happiness, Commitment and Fear Minds marinate both the More and (faux) Enough Mind, both are secondary derivatives of the prime mobile’ – acquisition. Acquisition is the over arching strategy to delude oneself to avoid mortality or at least palliate oneself from the inevitable. (And note: acquisition, in Hebrew, is Cain – as in Cain and Abel.)
            What the More Mind (aka Never Enough Mind) and the (Faux) Enough Mind share is the avoidance of the meaning not of life – but meaning IN their life. The More Mind’s avoidance is enabled and masked by ‘there is never enough,’ facilitated by every increasing invention of high serious low low risk probability potential problems to rationalize making ‘more.’ The (Faux) Enough Mind, despite assertions of wishing to ‘make a difference’ (in 20 minutes), and concerns about ‘what next?’ recycles to the comfort of the habituated now hard wired ‘more’ when confronted with finding meaning IN their life and failing to secure it immediately.
            The question isn’t what’a next, making a difference per se, palliation (another higher dosage for the altered state) – or even finding the meaning OF life, but the finding meaning IN one’s life. If anything, THE ENOUGH Mind (which is not a predisposition (1)) is a CHOICE that agitates, goads and if successful discovers what for it is ‘enough to live on; enough to live for.’
Unfortunately, The ENOUGH Mind choice seems to only occurs when the stock market is down reverts and resets back the MORE-ON Mind. (Note: The Mantra of Thee MORE Mind (MORE, BETTER, NOW) has a habit of becoming WORSE, LESS, AND LATER – thus MORE becomes LESS (The LESSon?) once again sacrificing what one needs for what one doesn’t need.)
The MORE MindLESS–  “Subtraction by MORE.”

It’s one thing to fight the dragon; another to slay the dragon, but the hardest is to embrace the dragon.

            One’s doesn’t get rid of shtick (or dragons) – let alone the overreaching acculturation of MORE. That said, but one can limit dragon (even make useful the dragon’s fire) – not by embrace – but by transcendence (2) by finding meaning IN one’s life not OF life. Unlike shrink oriented year$$ of ‘mining the mountain’ excavating the rot of one’s ‘root causes’ – lack of confidence, your mother (without effecting any change)(3) and continuing to be in the grips and the gripes of the hamster wheel of the MORE & faux ENOUGH Minds, this transcendence focuses on climbing the mountain toward.
            The ENOUGH Mind aligns personal resources with one’s personal goals to elevate to connect to one’s significance (meaning IN one’s life) that having enough to live – enough to live for – enables. As such, this ENOUGH orientation is a process towards the healing of personal financial anxiety, puttin’ money in its place facilitating the connection (re-connection?) to one’s significance.
The ENOUGH Mind pole vaults the MORE-On Dragon without pre fabric (DOWNy?) softeners or to borrow the words Rabbi Aden Steinsaltz – The Enough Mind ‘puttin’ one’s life, puttin’ one’s soul, where his money is.”
(1)   Shaddai – one of the first Hebrew words God in Genesis per Rabbi Mordacai Twerski to this writer means, ‘God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough. (There is no word, phrase in Hebrew for God that means More.)
(2)   Transcend – is derived from the Latin – to climb across
(3)   Being an expert on the underlying ‘root’ cause without effecting the change –  is like a consultant who knows 1000 ways to make love but doesn’t know any girls

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