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Dogs, Cheese, & Water: The MORE Desire

 Dogs, Cheese, &  Water: The MORE Desire

 'No person leaves this world with even half of his desires fulfilled. When we have 100, we want to make it 200; when we have 200 hundred, we want to make it 400 hundred
Midrash, Kohelet Rabah 1:13

            “Once a dog seized a piece of cheese in the house and ran with it until he came to a bridge. Looking down into the water, he was the reflection of the cheese in his own mouth and thought, ‘If only I had that cheese, too! Two pieces are better than one.’
            But when he opened his mouth to seize the second piece, the first fell out and sank to the bottom of the stream. He tumbled in after it, but when he emerged, he had nothing in his mouth but mud and weeds.
            So taught the wise Solomon:  Be happy with what you have in your hand and your possession, and do not envy what is another’s.
The Dog, the Cheese, & the Water from The Classic Tales: 4000 Years of Jewish Lore

            “(My) Goodie, Elle (now of blessed memory) and I play fetch in the backyard twice a day – the first time, in the morning and secondly late afternoon.
            (Moses, my old faithful chevrutah (study partner also now of blessed memory), prefers first chair to ball when I study).
            I throw three to four balls. And invariably Goodie, still without success, tries to put two rubber balls in her mouth – as a result neither is in the mouth! And even when she has a rubber ball in her mouth, the one Elle is fetching looks better – more….
            I can only wonder through osmosis in domesticating our dogs more has transferred as Goodie, with a rubber ball in mouth, would go after Elle’s in a ‘burning bush’ because it might better.
            (That said, my Goodie would first sit before the hallowed bush.)
            A Ball in Goodie’s Mouth isn’t as Good as Elle’s Ball in the Bush
(Inner) Journeys with Goodie: The GOODie Book
 (unpublished by Jim Schwartz)

Who is rich; he who is satisfied with his portion
Ben Zoma, Ethics of the Fathers

Oh, and by the way, the Latin root of satisfied/satisfaction is satis – ‘enough’)

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