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"Manna" - 'Shaddai' & ENOUGH

Manna – "Shaddai" & Enough

            According to some Judaic scholars, the daily manna provided to the Israelis in the desert daily (two portions for the Sabbath when there would be no gathering) was said to satisfy the taste required of each individual. Without being too flip, one might desire the taste of trout almandine – another- the taste of chicken Kiev.
            But in all cases, the manna gathered each morning was perfectly covered with a dew to insulate it from dirt or other elements and was associated to and directly provided by God (Hashem the preferred name of no name by Orthodox Jews) without question and without the individual Israel’s preparation
Hashem’s daily manna provision was enough.
            However, should an Israeli have gathered more than enough the manna amount would restore to the enough amount. Furthermore, if the Israeli attempted to have leftovers – or try to gather more than enough (another interpretation contrary to the amount reverting) the excess (‘more’) would become uneatable infested with maggots. Thus, there was no manna for manana –for a rainy day (in the desert) – as Hashem would provide a test of man’s faith.
            When man graduated from hunter and gatherer to agrarian, industrial, and now post industrial master of the universe Silicon Valley Boulder man, sequentially his acknowledgment of Hashem as the provider and he but one who derivatively fabricates changed to ‘I did it, I own it, I provided, it’s mine.’ Somehow man forgot that it was from Hashem – the originated from ‘no thing’ who created something ‘light, air, water’ and from which something came ‘animal, vegetation, and mineral’ from which man transforms fabricates, assembles, and combines derivatively.
            Having ‘made it’ and wishing ‘to have it’ for a rainy day (desert or no desert) man stores the manna with the belief ‘the results of MY efforts will be there’ in the future rather than faith in Hashem that he has and will provide or at least just in case ‘he (Hashem) doesn’t provide, is busy, and or has had it with man(not)kind.’

            Now one of the first names used for Hashem in Torah is Shaddai which means God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough.
            However, in contrast, there is no name/synonym for Hashem that directly means More.

            Stipulating & acknowledging my own obvious lack of faith, and therefore, this writer has written, practiced, taught the concept of Enough (as in providing to not sacrifice what one needs for what one doesn’t need, etc..) in contrast to More (which has a habit of becoming ‘less, worse, later’) in personal financial life planning now going on 40 years.         
Specifically, this ‘enough’ has been sequentially defined and refined over the years from ‘clientele realizable goal determination coordinated with orderly plans for the desired payoffs,’ to ‘a process aligning personal resources with life goals,’ to finally, ‘healing personal financial anxiety, puttin’ money in its place to connect to elevate to one’s significance.”
            Yet, all the above refinements are derivatives have failed to acknowledge who is the essential Enough providing the manna that we derivatively fabricate – Shaddai.
            ENOUGH Personal Financial ‘Life’ Planning(c) would require acknowledgment in Hashem as in ‘healing personal financial anxiety, puttin’ money in its place to connect to elevate to one’s specific assignment of significance from Shaddai.”
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Note to my non Jewish friends: 1) I can only write from a Jewish perspective the above.

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