Friday, March 13, 2015

Colonoscopies, Personalized Financial Life Planning Budgets, & Passover

Colonoscopies, Personalized Financial Life Planning Budgets, & Passover

            Maybe the only thing worse for clients than preparing personal financial planning budgets is the prep for a colonoscopy. Budgeting is no hoot (though  colonoscopy aftermath results in toots.)

            Yet, budgets and colonoscopies are essential.
            And while gastroenterologists are meticulous in their colonoscopy procedures, personal financial planners in preparing and presenting what is required for useful budgets – not wishing to upset the client – are not exacting. Result: bad math, bad advice – as the plan would be based on a material false premise.
Budgets should be done per objective itemizing expenditure categories on at three levels (“P.R.O.): gotta (pessimistic), oughta (realistic), and niceta (optimistic) for the following:

  • Present situation
  • Slow down prior to retirement
  • Retirement (income comes from passive sources)
  • Income replacement upon disability
  • Income adequacy for spouse (or designated insignificant or significant other)
Yes, there are virtual colonoscopies which don’t require the arduous preparation and clean out for the traditional colonoscopy (which getting rid of the chamatz for Passover is tranquil by comparison)(1). However, should something be found during the virtual colonoscopy one would have to do the traditional colonoscopy anyway with the full dynamite prep.
So do good budgeting per objective at three levels to get at the amounts required is nothing to poo poo about.. Remember measure twice – cut once – or in this case – measure thrice and cut once – post colonoscopy sound effects excluded.

(1)   All leaven bread – chamatz (also meaning puffed up, arrogance) is to be rid of in the household during Passover. Per tradition, some, at night, with but lit candle and a feather search the cracks and crevices of the house to get rid of the chamatz – to make sure the house is cleaned out (so to speak) of chamatz.

(A Budget Form for the above can be found in my book:
ENOUGH(sm): A Handbook for Your Personal Financial Planning
probably available on Amazon for less than $1 as 2nd edition is out of print
but cheaper than a box of Matzo & won’t give you constipation)

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