Saturday, June 27, 2015

Net Worth, Worthy, & The Worthwhile

‘Net Worth, Worthy, & The Worthwhile’

I’m not worthy; I’m not worthy
Alice Cooper

Worth- (of) value, merit, significance, meaning, appeal
Worthy – commendable, admirable, creditable, laudable, praiseworthy
Net worth:  a key measure of how much an entity is worth. A consistent increase in net worth indicates good financial health; conversely, net worth may be depleted by a decrease in asset values relative to liabilities.

On financial balance sheets, the net of physical and intangible assets less liabilities is classified as ‘net worth.’ And even in personal financial planning, net worth (adjusted to assets less objectives cost and liabilities) does not reflect let alone  acknowledge the following assets (increasing ‘worth’ of)

·         Adaptability and resourcefulness that created the assets (Baruch Hashem)

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills
Liam Neeson ‘Taken’

            Each of us has a portion (chalek). This portion/trait may be developed and manifested as a particular set of skills or remain unmanifested. But most have incurred in their life – at one point or another – challenges, difficulties, and in particular financial obstacles – which they have overcome and not unusually due to their ‘particular set of skills.’
            I would often ask clients or participants at my workshops:
·         Have you incurred difficulties and especially challenges at one time or another in your life.?
·         Did you have overcome those difficult situations?

Invariably every client assented and attendees raised their hands.
Yet, where on the balance sheet – the net worth statement – is this adaptability and resourcefulness – recognized let alone monetized?
Currencies come and go – get devalued – ravaged by inflation etc.
And yet, that which we possess – the adaptability and resourcefulness – which assists us in navigating these potential challenges is assigned no value other than a nod to ‘human capital’ by yackety yak’ “I want to be your best friend so I can maintain my 1% asset under management compensation even though robo advisers are now charging 35 basis points or less” financial planners. (1)

And on a spiritual level, especially addressing those who are not only concerned with ‘outliving their money’ but as much now or moreso – seeking meaning IN their life – ‘enough to live on, enough to live for:

·         Our soul curriculum assets  incompletions of the soul that have been completed or made the progress made toward completing
·         The good done & reflected (inside out) - guilt money, fruit of a poison tree) or for vanity (commemorations, business development and plaques – (and I ain’t talking cholesterol plaque)

And so, net worth – net worthiness is related to tangible and intangible financial assets and or assets which otherwise can be ‘monetized’ shortchanging adaptability, resourcefulness, soul curriculum assets, and the good done – only increasing dependency of on current currencies (as if there is never ‘enough’ which can come and go.

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