Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Intersection of ENOUGH with Meaning IN One’s Life

The Intersection of ENOUGH with  Meaning IN One’s Life

            Since 1977 thru 20 years of practice of and now 39 years of writing about – preaching about ENOUGH, the definition thereof has evolved sequentially

·         Clientele realizable goal determination coordinated with orderly plans for their desired achievement
·         A process of connecting personal resources (including money) to support life goals
·         Healing personal financial anxiety, putting money in its place, to connect to one’s significance
·         Healing personal financial anxiety, puttin’ money in its place, to elevate to connect to one’s significance and assignment – enough to live on; enough to live for
·         Healing personal financial anxiety, putting money in its place, to elevate to connect to transcend to one’s significance, assignment and meaning – what one was meant to do and meant to be with enough to live on and enough to live for

Yes, nuanced changes but significant – especially the inclusion of the word meaning as the will to meaning is particularly exposed by now former clients, friends, etc all over 45 seek meaning (second only to the fear of outliving their money – dependence) with repeated variation on the them of meaning phrases including --

·         Seeking a new chapter
·         Making a difference
·         What next


And when meaning isn’t there – again other than further preoccupation & habituation with the fear of outliving their resources (giving little value to their own adaptability and resourcefulness),  there is:

·         Reversion to making the habituated “more” via
1.      Ad-Venturesome Capital
2.      Running for Office
3.      Going back into the business/profession that they were sick of, even tough the skill was there but the love was gone
4.      Wanting to make a difference in 20 minutes with the same level of skill it took them 20 years in prior endeavors – only to be frustrated
·         Palliation
1.      Trips
2.      Golf
3.      Someday things – they get bored with after 3-6 months
4.      Buying after life insurance for their comfort (and hedging their bets) from the Spiritual ‘praying upon’ Pulpit Religious & Happiness industries

·         Seeking Altered States (which the Happiness Industry – psychobabblists, otherwise failed academicians, the Happily Ever After businesses (including Disney, marijuana, and alcohol industries) has preyed upon though Hedonic Adaptation will not be denied and larger and larger more expensive doses are needed for the same ‘diversionary high’

ENOUGH doesn’t heal the hole in the soul however expressed. In fact, it may expose the wound further to the question of ‘why I am’ – yes meaning. (Of course, there are those who have accepted what a Banker’s Life of Iowa (now Principal Group)  manager said to me at age 23, ‘Jim, you are born. You go to school. You get a job. You get married. And then 66,75 80 years later you die. That’s it.”
So ENOUGH (though not a substitution for adaptability and resourcefulness let alone its recognition) however may allow one to connect to elevate to transcend to one’s significance, assignment – meaning IN one’s life. Notice the phrase ‘meaning IN one’s life’ is not ‘the meaning OF life.’

When Tarzan goes from one vine to another vine – there is that brief moment when neither hand is on either vine. I would call that brief interlude – that interval – the di-vine or fall.
ENOUGH may intersect at meaning – but doesn’t cause meaning – and if anything ENOUGH may expose the wound of lack/lacktose intolerance – the lack of meaning IN one’s life: the challenge and the opportunity of Why I AM.

            And given the above, I have been informed by Investment Manager Ben Dover, of the reopening of the following mutual fund.

The Altered States Fund™ (symbol: OFF)

(picture dice snake eyes)

Tis better to alter than be altered
(so sayeth many a male canine)

            Turned off by the Obama -nation State of America?
            Turn off, Tune in, Drop Some Bucks into the Altered State Fund (OFF)
            OFF: invests in the following numbing/palliating/distracting mood enhancing industries to ‘get one off’:

  • Alcohol (Distill, Swill & Refill)
  • Tobacco/Pot (Wackie Tobaccie)
  • Gaming – (Thrills & Chills)
  • Sports (Bread & Circuses)
  • X Rated Entertainment (Frills, Thrills & Handbills)
  • Resorts (Sandals, Club Med etc)
  • Companion Animals (Oxytocin & Devotion)
  • Organized Religion’s Commemorative Plaques, Chachkas & Amulets
(Afterlife Insurance)

            The Altered States Fund Capitalizing On Great Escapes

A Kish Meir ‘Altered’ Tuchass Member of The Shtup © Family of Funds™
(A Tongue On Cheeks Production, 2013 update 2014, 2015)

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