Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Continuing Connection V: My Dog Is Not A Toaster Legislation

Continuing Connection V: 
My Dog Is Not A Toaster Legislation

            By law, your dog(s) & cats(s) which 70%+ sleep in your bed, which in the case of dogs increase your longevity 7 years (AIG commercial), which 90%+ of you believe are family members – are no different – per your state legislatures and the laws they have enacted – than a toaster.
            That’s correct – your state legislature continues this classification that your dog(s) & cats(s) are toasters – even though there is precedent to change this:

  • There are cruelty laws for the protection of dogs and cats – not toasters
  • Dogs and Cats can be designated beneficiaries of a trust – not toasters
  • Emergency Medical Service Now Available as 013/20/14 by Law in Colorado for Dogs & Cats - not toasters 
 Furthermore, let us compare companion animals (domesticated non farm animals – dogs and cats) relative to 3 tests considered ironically for being human. But before making these distinctions – let me tell two stories – one very personal story.
Relative to self awareness when it came to taking care of itself and more likely you when ill – even if it meant – not going for his leash at the designated daily time – rather staying in bed with you? Now all puppies chew. Please explain how my black standard poodle Moses – chewed only one thing – one time – one time only – my Shabbat prayer bencher book (which now 15 years later, I use every Friday night Shabbat and when the time comes I shall be buried with).
Now another very personal story.
In 2005, I went through 28 courses of radiation for a T1 larynx cancer (even though I never smoked). My male black standard poodle, Moses (who graduated in 2013) nightly during the radiation would lay his head ever so gently on my neck until I fell asleep. After the protocol ended – Moses no longer put his head on my neck – resuming capturing my hand for petting and or also putting his head check to check or on my chest.

As for self awareness…
Self awareness is knowing they know. Ever see that guilty look on your dog’s face when he’s been naughty.
A story of self awareness and Werner’s butterscotch candies.
I like Werner’s Butterscotch candies (more than I should) – you know the ones in the gold wrappers.
Well obviously, I left an open bag on the kitchen counter top.
When I came home, my standard poodle Moolah had several gold wrappers from the Werner’s Butterscotch candies in the fur on both of her ears.
When I asked Moolah as she sat adorned with the gold Werner’s Butterscotch candy wrappers on her ears, ‘Moolah, did you get and eat my Werner’s Butterscotch candies?’
Moolah shook her head in the negative.
Tell me she didn’t know that she knew.

So here are the 3 tests for comparison of ‘humanness.’

                                                            Companion Animals Toasters  Most Humans
1.      Self awareness                                  yes                   no                    ?
2.      Ability to understand complex        yes                   no                    ?
3.      Capacity for empathy                      yes                   no                    no       

And 50 states and their legislatures still consider – with the acquiescance of state veterinary associations that your dog(s) & cats(s) are no different than toaster. (I should have added a 4th column for Veterinary Associations & State Legislatures)


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