Sunday, January 3, 2016

Worth & “Enough”

Worth & “Enough”

Did you ever have a great ‘comeback’ that you wish you had said – but sadly after the fact?

The premises:

  • personal financial planning is about aligning life goals with personal resources.
  • Ideally, personal financial planning heals personal financial anxiety, putting money in its place to connect to one’s significance – meaning: what one is meant to do and be.
  • Derivatively, personal financial life planning is about managing goals not assets.

 Therefore, assets under management (we make More for you, you make More ((MOREchondria©) compensation is in, medical terms, a contraindication to managing personal financial goals.  ENOUGH(sm), in contrast, in congruence with the above premises posits that personal financial planning should be compensated by it on a fixed fee and or bracket fee range. Why? So that regardless of ‘being in the market or being in cash for example’ conflicts of interest are drastically reduced and the planner can focus on the goals.

A disagreeing planner questioned, in an attempt to impeach me with my answer to deflect and go off point rather than disprove the argument wrote to paraphrase, ‘that’s easy for you to say – what are you ‘Worth?’
I didn’t answer (unusual for me – okay really unusual for ‘someone who hasn’t met a verbal/written confrontation he didn’t like’ to quote my sibling). But like the great retort one has unfortunately later that ‘I wish I had said’ at the point in time, here is my answer – prefaced by the following:

I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as El Shaddai: Vaeira 6:4 [2]

          Per Chasidic Insights (p40) Torah Chumash The Book of Exodus, “Shaddai means ‘who is enough’ referring to how God halted the process of creation by saying ‘enough!’ as if were, once it had proceeded exactly as far as He had intended. However, the world Shaddai can also mean ‘who has enough,’ i.e. God’s power is sufficient to provide His creation with all its needs.”
          First, Hashem is Enough/Shaddai as Yaakov responded to Esau’s ‘I have plenty,’ with ‘I have all’ (as Shaddai is Enough).
          Second, on a mundane level, my Worth - now & in the end -is judged by Hashem and my dogs past and present.
          Third, Go Shtup Yourself for what it’s Worth.

CHEWish on This© Amalekite (1)

(1)  Remember what Amalek did to you on the road, on your way out of Egypt(2). That he encountered you on the way, and cut off those lagging to your rear, when you were tired and exhausted (Deuteronomy 25:17–18)
(2)  Egypt (Mitzrareim in Hebrew) means limitations, restrictions, narrow places (3)
(3)  Thus, is the personal financial planner ‘an Emissary of Enough or an Agent Provocateur of  MOREchondria©?

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