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Coveting is the only sin that isn’t fun
Charlie Munger

            Identification with the physical body as ‘our sense of self’ and fearing the body’s extinction – thus ‘our extinction’ – man’s primary delusional strategy – to overcome ‘his extinction’ – has been acquisition. (Cain, as in Cain & Abel, personified in the classic movie The Citizen Kane, means acquisition in Hebrew).
            LACK (immortality) motivates ACQUISITION from which MORE is a natural consequential derivative seeking to secure the IF ONLYs. (If I Only have this or that) to satisfy the LACK (which is futile and Never ENOUGH). From the IF ONLYs – typically an external sought - COVETING is a result.  

            Coveting implies having less and worse being less by comparison externally to others.
            Thus, The Lack-tose Intolerance No Fun heuristic sequential formula (L.A.M.I.C.):

            In contrast to this acculturated hardwired L.A.M.I.C. heuristic is the ENOUGH mind-set derived spiritually from Hashem and resulting materially in the sense of ‘enough to live for; enough to live on.”

            Each of us, born incomplete with the purpose to continue to complete the incompletions of the soul (the soul curriculum) in the material, is given a spark of the divine and a chalek – a portion to develop inside out for:

  • Creation: to manifest inside out  dovetailing with meaning IN one’s life
  • Tzavta:  connection (Tzavta) to be earned/merited for the return to Hashem

I give you good leather. It’s up to you to make good shoes

Given the process of materializing the spiritual (the spark of the divine) (*), the material, akin to the paraffin of the candle, is the leather (note: not Golden Calf skin). The paraffin is the material from which light of the wick (the spiritual) illuminates and thus manifesting the spark of the divine to make good shoes in our travel to return. How we as shoemakers cobble our leather determines whether one becomes ‘a shoe in’ or not.
(Note: coveting others’ Jimmy Choos™ & Allan Edmunds is the triumph of the paraffin ((the material))snuffing out the light ((the spiritual)) emanating from the wick – resulting in a  ‘wicked’  knock off with faux upper soles/souls).

Shaddai means ‘God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough’
Rabbi Mordecai Twerski to this writer in the early 1990’s

ENOUGH,  to have the potential of ‘enlightening,’ is about: healing personal financial anxiety, puttin’ money in its place, to elevate – transcend – align & connect (Tzavta? Dat?) to one’s significance/assignment what one is meant to do, meant to be with “enough to live on; enough to live for.”
And while ENOUGH is a tool for the development of one’s chalek and meaning IN one’s life in the process of creation and tzavta, some will argue – and rightfully, that the pursuit of  ENOUGH in the context of ‘when I have ENOUGH, then I’ll’ shows a lack of faith in Shaddai as l ‘ENOUGH’

And yes, while:
·         Abel gave the first yearlings – off the top – irrespective of profits (even meeting his ‘nut’ – his overhead) to Shaddai as a sacrifice, and
·         Yaakov offered a king’s reparation to Esau (who said ‘I have plenty’) stating ‘I have all’ (Shaddai – enough), and
·         ‘This land is mine you are but wayfarers’ (Leviticus) thus all is on divine lease
Man, fearing his physical demise as his extinction, thus seeks certainty, permanence, and continuity via acquisition – and therefore, isn’t at the level of Abel’s and Yaakov’s faith – with very very few exceptions.

You don’t get rid of shtick
Rabbi Henoch Dov

            Recognizing the above and the derivative habituated tendency toward MORE MORE MORE (making us  MOREons), yet the primacy of manifesting faith, creation & tzavta via chalek development & meaning IN one’s life inside out through deeds – ENOUGH – may become & provide the fence – the buffer  from MORE MORE MORE  towards faith in Shaddai as ‘THE’ ENOUGH.
            Of course, usual and typical, the fence may expand seeking additional territory (even territory of others – coveting) rationalize as ‘there is never enough’ – which is just making ENOUGH another variation of MORE. This chained link fence just displaces  for MORE. (Picture a squeezed balloon. The amount of air hasn’t changed it’s just been displaced in this case in the name of MORE  for ENOUGH which is Never ENOUGH. Suppression not only displaces but also further distorts – though the hot air remains the same.
By creating the fence/limitation of ENOUGH – though not getting rid of the shtick of MORE - there is a potential of slowing the revolutions and or reversing the speed of never ending hamster wheel of L.A.M.I.C. , its external comparisons and coveting.

MORE : an outside in comparative to other which typically never ENOUGH
ENOUGH an inside out comparison – for creation and tzavta – ‘enlightening’

Thus to contrast the heuristics:


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