Sunday, June 5, 2016

MORE vs ENOUGH Vs Creation - Part I

The only people that like change are wet babies
Don Robinson

            Creation creates change.
And change generates movement.
            All movement involves friction
            People don’t like friction – except as sexual friction accomplices – however linguistically rationalized.
            Thus, the means will always be criticized regardless of ends (creation, destruction) given  ‘friction,’ movement and the prospect of change – as we aren’t wet babies.

There are haves, have nots, and have a little want some more

            The haves seek to ‘keep;’ the have nots want to ‘get,’ and the have a little want some more want ‘some more.’
            All three seek to ‘acquire’ (which requires friction) – more or less

  • The ‘haves’ to ‘keep’ seek ‘less’ risk to what they have & ‘more – ‘just in case’ – for ‘certainty
  • The ‘have nots’ to ‘get,’ by merit or take by hook or crook (in the name of redistribution confiscation rationalized as ‘fairness, social justice, you didn’t make it’ aka leftist PC  progressives) – for MORE (which is never ENOUGH )
  • The ‘have a little want some mores’ want ENOUGH ’ which is ‘just a little bit MORE’ (rarely defined) –also ‘just in case’ - for greater ‘certainty’

            The only thing certain about change, friction, movement is change and uncertainty in time. Thus, MORE (actually the ‘promise’ of MORE and what it should provide)- being acculturated, instinctual, and buttressed by fear of extinction (as the body) is never ENOUGH. FurtherMORE, MORE (like the delusion of happiness) doesn’t yield certainty, permanence nor continuity due to the continuous process of: creation/deconstruction – yes FOR no, the no FOR yes – the yes AND the no.

            Friction is necessary for the process of creation and yes, destruction.
            Friction is ‘not nice’ (save friction accomplicing).
Friction with another often results in ad hominems from ‘you’re difficult’ to expletives camouflaged sometimes with euphemisms and niceties but still, with a smile disguising, the ‘f**k you, very much.’
            Even STP™ (the racers edge) doesn’t lubricate this friction of creation’s movement, change & destruction.

Money can therefore cause endless anxiety, for no matter how much you have, you are ever sure whether you have enough or whether you will not somehow lose it all…
Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

            MORE parches thirsting for MORE believing MORE will lubricant when MORE requires higher and higher dosages – resulting in increased friction that 50 weight nor an additional 50k can’t grease.
            The question is ‘is MORE necessary for the continuous process of Creation/Destruction (yes AND no, no FOR yes) with the flipside does ENOUGHinhibit Creation?’ which will be examined in PARTII

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