Sunday, September 11, 2016

Good Old F.U!: Rah, Rah, Siss, Boom, Flimflam Bah– Personal Financial Ebola

Good Old F.U!: Rah, Rah, Siss, Boom, Flimflam Bah– Personal Financial Ebola (2)
(EpiPen has nothing on Good Old F.U.)

What is college for?
Is it for:

  • Personal Financial Ebola: i.e. tuition at the University of Denver in 1967 $1500, today over $43,000 when inflation adjusted the tuition at DUh would be $10,300 (and over just 4 years $120,000  over inflation at the expense of student indenture and or parent Personal Financial Ebola
  • Tuition increase on average from 1978-2012 of 1125% per Bloomberg
  • Bait and Switch as 73% of courses are taught by teaching assistants
  • Dishonest publication of average class size using average versus mean
  • Teaching loads on average of the professors of less than 11 hours per week
  • Teaching as monetary disincentive versus research
  • Suppression of freedom of expression by the Political Correctness
    1. Speech codes
    2. Safety zones
    3. Micro aggressions
    4. Trigger Warnings (& without Roy Rogers’ horse  Trigger)
  • Snowflake, Cupcake & Crybully enabling – “in loco (weed) progressives” for the perpetually aggrieved & offended
  • Academic welfare (Tenure) for Scholar Barons on the Honor Dole
  • Tenure in the name of Academic Freedom & Freedom of Expression when now there is wrongful termination laws for protection
  • Tenure in the name of Freedom of Expression while practicing PC censorship and indoctrination
  • Academic gibberish
           At the heart of the current crisis (in higher education costs) is the higher educations complex’s:

  • Addiction to “the law of more” (1)
  • Administrative bloat
  • Edifice bloat
  • More spending
  • More students
  • Higher tuition.
 The corollary has been academia’s ‘law of less.” In return for all of this spending, academia has been

  • Giving less in return
  • Lower teaching loads
  • A Swiss cheese curriculum
  • Dumb-down standards
  • Mediocre education masked by inflated grades
 The result is:

  • Generation Debt
  • Expensive degrees of dubious value
Fail U, by Charles J. Sykes, p242-243

            So what is college for for?

Knowledge transference?
            Skill acquisition?
            Critical thinking?
            And then answer the reality of what has college become???

            An Accredited Fraud: Merely A Brand – like for detergent, underarm deodorant, or scratchy toilet paper – all hat no learning – lots of stinky unclean skid marks – playing students, parents and legislators as ‘marks.’

Rah, Rah, Sissy, Boom, Fraud On The Public, BAM
Good Old F.U.
Good Old F.U. Uppa U S Ah

Providing your children’s college educations. The hell with it.
Dave Barry

(1)   Bowen’s law “ revenues tend to drive costs higher in both public and private research universities” aka Parkinson’s Law of Parasitic Collegiate Costs  – institutions of higher education will always spend all the money they can possibly raise
(2)   Author is self educated despite graduating Magna cum Laude in Finance, Wall Street Journal Outstanding Senior Finance Student, 1971, and an MBA as well from the University of Denver (DU) where I was very schooled and minimally educated. And by all accounts it’s even worse now. & the new Chancellor wants billion dollar endowment. *** Note The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education gave DU “the speech code rating Red. A red light university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech” DUhhhh.

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