Monday, September 26, 2016

College (Today) ≠ Education?

College (Today) Education?

Education – e-duct-o (Latin) to lead out of
(ex- from; ducere – bring out, lead forth)

            If anything, College has become IN-ducto - INdoctrination rather than educto – education.
And yet despite the facts below, we conflate college with education, learning, knowledge and or skill transference.
            If anything today’s colleges hold themselves out as educating when in reality they are merely a camouflage brand. The Collegiate masquerade engages in the frauds of misrepresentation as well as bait in switch harming students and parents – economically and education wise with its personal financial ebola and indoctrination.
            The question is: is College worth it on a cost benefit basis given private College cost for 4 years or more being over $200,000+++ and public colleges being$80,000++ (1) when all is said and done.

Cost / Benefit (To Whom????) Analysis of ‘College’
To Students & Parents


  • $80,000- $200,000 +++
  • Opportunity cost? (1)
  • Personal Financial Ebola: i.e. tuition at the University of Denver in 1967 $1500, today over $43,000 when inflation adjusted the tuition at DUh would be $10,300 (and over just 4 years $120,000  over inflation at the expense of student indenture and or parent Personal Financial Ebola)
DU 1500 to $10, 300 to 43,000+ = 120k personal financial ebola
  • Deferral of first time homeownership
  • Tuition increase on average from 1978-2012 of 1125% per Bloomberg
  • Bait and Switch (fraud???(2)) as 70%+ of courses are taught by teaching assistants
  • Dishonest publication of average class size using average versus mean (akin to same Oreo’s package with less cookies – let alone ‘stuff’ – for the same price)
  • Teaching loads on average of the professors of less than 11 hours per week
  • Second class teaching: there is a teaching  monetary disincentive as research payoffs at Colleges moreso than teaching students paying $80,000 - $200,000+++
  • Suppression of freedom of expression by the Political Correctness
    1. Speech codes
    2. Safety zones
    3. Micro aggressions
    4. Trigger Warnings (& without Roy Rogers’ Trigger)
  • Snowflake, Cupcake & Crybully enabling – “in loco (weed) progressives” for the perpetually aggrieved & offended
  • Academic welfare (Tenure) for Scholar Barrens on the Honor Dole
  • Tenure in the name of Academic Freedom & Freedom of Expression when now there is wrongful termination laws for protection
  • Tenure in the name of Freedom of Expression while practicing PC censorship and indoctrination
  • Academic gibberish


  • Supposedly higher earnings?????? (emphasis supposedly given % of graduates living in their parents basements – unlike previous graduate experiences).

Is The Cost Benefit Ratio of Today’s College – Economically & Education Wise Worth It
To Students & Parents?

Or, In Reality, is Today’s
A Rip Off, at be$t, A Fraud (2), at wor$t?

(1)    Opportunity cost – had the student worked, interned, and or done apprenticeship during the 4 or more years earning a degree – and not working while investing part of their earnings (even while living at their parents) that would add to the cost side to determine the true cost benefit ratio.
(2)    Fraud = deception, scam, racket, hoax, smoke and mirrors, sham
Mooching Free Tuition Begs (Literally & Metaphorically)
The Question & Problem

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