Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When Is Enough Enough & Settling Not Settling?

When Is Enough Enough & Settling Not Settling?

You're pretty close to what I've always hoped for
That's why my love for you is fairly strong
And I swear I'm never gonna leave you, darlin'
At least 'til something better comes along

'Cause you're sort of everything I've ever wanted
You're not perfect, but I love you anyhow
You're the woman that I've always dreamed of
Well, not really...but you're good enough for now
No, not really...but you're good enough for now
Good Enough For Now, Al Yankovic

            Settling isn’t Enough
            Settling isn’t even Not Enough
            Settling isn’t 3 days after a NYSE stock trade
            Settling isn’t a failed test of mettle
            Nor sediment let alone sentiment
            Settling is resignation
Settling is like one’s expanded waistline & old pair of comfortable shoes

            Settling resents Not Enough
            Settling wants just a bit More which is still never Enough
            Settling is not quite and still unquieting
            As Settling is ‘close but no cigar’

            Settling Down is never Enough
            Settling is out of court…ship
            Settling is ‘wooing’ gone (though not the boo hooing)
And extra love affairs is unsettling causing less (in settlements)
            Settling The Score  to get ‘even’ still isn’t Enough

            Settling –  good Enough for now – until More, Better, Now inevitably disappoints
            As More, Better settles into  Less, Worse, Later)
 …When The Dust (and waistline)  Has ‘Settled’

Settling – concealed frustration posing a feigned smile of acceptance – for now…
            Wanting what one has…
            Enough to live for; Enough to live on

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