Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The MOREon Cascade of Cain: Fear, Acquisition Self Interest, Selfishness

As a child, I remember my mother calling me ‘selfish’ – and not a few times. (Of course, my retort was, ‘you’re a mean Mommy.’
Nevertheless, in cogitating on ‘selfish,’ selfish is a derivative of the following cascade:

Fear of Extinction (sense of self identified as the body)

            Desire for Permanence, Continuity, Certainty (immortality of body
                        -Everybody wants to go to heaven- nooobody wants to die – T. Rogers)

                        Fear: Lack of permanence, continuity, certainty

                                    Strategy: Buy It (Acquisition – Cain in Hebrew –
yes, as In Cain & Abel)

                                                Substrategy of Acquisition: More
                                                            (as there is Never Enough)

                                                                        Self interest & selfishness
                                                                        Palliation to cope, deny & deflect

            NOTE: Shaddai (meaning Enough – as in God, God Almighty, God All Sufficient, Enough – is not in this cascade. Thus, herein lies the test of faith – as Shaddai – as the ultimate Enough.

Do better, Cain

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