Monday, July 5, 2010

ENOUGH #1: Sodom & Go MOREah

Sodom & GoMOREah

Next time I promise I won’t piss it away – 1987, 2010
We should have bought more (looking back at 1987, 2010)

In 1987 when the market went down 20% in a day, all of a sudden, clients, colleagues, friends ‘now (saw) the wisdom of Enough.’

The market started to turn up – and they were back to More.

This hard recession hit and hit hard in 2008-2009, and again former clients, colleagues, friends ‘now (saw) the wisdom of Enough’ again. And as the market has started to climb out of its decline, predictably and sequentially in successive approximation Enough is being shed for the More mentality.

Until friends, colleagues, former clients (who didn’t listen) turn to salt – there will be continuous regression to the MOREon as the More recessive gene –- only goes into temporary HIGHbernation.

More results in Go MOREah financial planning: – moreon planners (meeting the market demands of little Nancy Moreon hosts).

I can see the shingle now:

GoMOREah Financial Planners
There’s never ‘enough’

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