Monday, July 12, 2010

More Vs Enough: The Less of Dropping Trowel

More vs Enough: aka Dropping Trowel

“I don’t see how more becomes less”

When I did workshops, I demonstrated, using my green thumb, how more better, now became ‘worse, less, and later.’
Necessary for the demonstration was:

· a willing volunteer (preferably a doubting ‘more-on’
· two fistfuls of dirt
· a sprinkling can
· a towel
· a trowel

The demonstrated proceeded as follows:

1. I’d ask the volunteer to put out both hands – into each I would put a good size lump of dirt with the trowel
2. I would sprinkle water onto the dirt in one hand – till it absorbed.
3. Then I would continue to sprinkle water until it became mud
4. Not satisfied, I would continue to sprinkle water until the mud itself was liquid –running through the volunteers
5. Being the kind gentle normal person I am I would then offer my assistance with towel to dry off the first hand
6. Next I would sprinkle water on the dirt in the second hand and stop as soon as it was absorbed by the dirt without it becoming mud or dripping.

I then would turn to the audience and ask (which still stunned and no one would answer), “what is the moral of this demonstration?”

And the moral of the demonstration I would finally tell them, is: more vs enough, more, better, now has a way of becoming less, worse, and later slipping through your fingers.

The response was always an ‘aha’ as if the light went on.

Thus, the ‘less-on’ of ‘more vs enough’ aka trowel and error OR ‘dropping trowel.’

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