Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ENOUGH VS enough

ENOUGH (sm) vs Enough

There is a continuum of More vs Enough. On one extreme is tightwaddery and the other extreme is More (for more’s sake). The golden mean is ENOUGH.

To the right of tightwaddery is a Trojan Horse of Enough – ‘the green we are not sustainable political agenda’ masquerading as ENOUGH.
This Enough on the outside green on the inside political agenda discounts technological advances and believes we are net depleting the earth’s resources (and at the expense of others.)
While on one hand this faux Enough preaches the worthwhile independent of one finances via ‘enough,’ then inconsistently states from a Buddhist standpoint that there is ‘always another desire.’
The above political agenda approach to ‘enough’ is that of Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.
The ENOUGH I practiced was to heal financial anxiety, putting money in its place to transcend to significance – aligning personal resources to support life goals and values. The two approaches agree on the following:

· Our time is our life and we must price out our life per hour first in order to
· Make the tradeoffs: cost /happiness, cost/alignment to goals (yes/no) per category as well.
· More is cultural – ingrained
We disagree relative to:

· Making Enough the Trojan Horse of a political persuasion though Ms. Robin denies it – it is overwhelmingly evident in her book and tapes. My approach to ENOUGH is one man’s floor is another’s ceiling
· The derivation of More – (I believe it is a derivative of acquisition (Cain) which is man’s strategy – in delusion or to palliate – his fear of physical extinction which he identifies as himself.
Ms Robin believes it is result of the consumer society ((code phrase for capitalism)), in my opinion, confusing the symptom with the cause.) Ms. Robin’s statements are akin to Gore’s that ‘the argument is over’ which is implicit Animal Farm speak in an envelop of carmel, cotton candy and Cumbaya. More derives from fear of extinction reinforced by societal comparison for positioning not depletion of zero sum assets.

Robin’s Enough reminds me of what the liberals, socialists, and commies have done: change labels to hide their agenda. Environmentalism with its arrogant ‘the debate is over’ has become the home for these liberals, socialists, and commies who are running away from their label though the contents are the same. Thus: the new label ‘progressive’ when really they are watermelon democrats (green on the outside, pink on the inside).
Thus, while Robin offers some good techniques – your earnings per hour as a cost benefit mechanism, the happiness check off for alignment per expenditure – these are tactics of Enough. Scratch the surfaces and this Enough is just another disingenuous Trojan Horse mirage for a political agenda.

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