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Proposal: Universities & Colleges (The Perpetrators) Pay For The Student Loan Bailout Fund

Disclaimer: I was a scholarship student at the University of Denver from 1967-1973 (Bachelors and Masters). Some might say what follows violates the Talmudic saying, ‘don’t throw dirt down the well you drink from.’ If anything, the problem described below and the outline of a partial solution is to save Higher Education from itself rather than throwing dirt down the well I drank from – graduating Magna cum Laude, The Wall Street Journal’s Outstanding Senior Finance student and with an MBA. (The other solution of restoring academic integrity and freedom of expression – ridding Higher Education of its censoring bullying with speech codes, trigger warnings, political correctness and discriminatory practices against conservatives while hypocritically spieling ‘diversity’ is beyond the scope of this writing- cumbaya.)

Part I: The Problem & The Perp

Applying the cumulative inflation to the University of Denver's annual tuition (school year 1967-1968) to the University of Denver's 2015-206 school year the $1500 tuition in 1967 today should be $10, 627.64

Tuition 2014- 2015 at the University of Denver $43,164- 400%+ over the cumulative inflation rate. (Parents and students think what that $30,000 per year $120,000 - invested just at 6%- 8% would have meant to parent's retirement, to the down payment on a house, to not having the burden of this huge student debt would have meant in life choices as well. You can thank the real perpetrators - The Feudal Liberal Progressive Bonnie & Clyde Jesse James' of 'Higher' education Class Cabal- and stop pointing fingers at conservatives.

Question: did students get a 400% increase over inflation in their learning?
               did the students get a 400% increase over inflation in their starting salary?
               did the students get saddle with huge student loans, jobs that were not commensurate with the 400% over inflation starting salary?
               did parents get stuck with diverting monies from their retirement - and thus delaying their work free retirement
               will students have to defer their first home due being saddled with large student loans

                could the American taxpayer be about to feel the BERN or Hillary is their pocket bailing out the Feudal, Corrupt, Sanctimonious, incompetent, featherbedding, condescending, pompous college tenured liberal/progressive tenured scholar barrens and their weasel cowardly pusillanimous overpaid administrators.

This indentured servitude and potential bailout was brought to you by the Censoring Bullying Liberal Progressive Cumbaya Academia that never met others' money they couldn't spend, waste - and complain there was never enough of and needed more.

So ask yourselves, were the conservatives shtupping you or was it the Progressive Liberal Democrat you hold them we'll shtup them College Complex - administering the mooching without Vaseline(tm from the rear of the graduation line during pomp(osity) and circumstance? And stop your whining - be thankful - and tell your parents 'parents lives matter'

Part II (Partial Solution) –
University & Colleges Funding of The Bailout

Instead of the taxpayer, parents and students picking up the tab for a student loan bailout, why not seek redress from those who perpetrated the gouging of collegiate tuition and costs - the colleges, universities, bloated overpaid administration and featherbedding tenured scholar barren professors? 

When tuition runs 300%-400% of the consumer price index, when professors teach but one course (giving them time to practice non diversity, discrimination and censorship of academic freedom whereby per the Higher Education Research Institute only 12% of university faculty identify themselves politically right of center and only 5% of professors in he humanities and social science departments so identify, let them take a 20% cut in their pensions as well as a current 20% cut in salaries to fund the bailout administered by Bernie Sanders

Furthermore, 20% of all interest, dividends, capital gains realized on the University’s otherwise tax free endowment (slush) fund (not less than 5% in any case), should be redirected to pay down – their former students’ tuition debt that is above a negotiated figure (say $$20,000) as a flat debt forgiveness amount per year akin to the dividend Alaska state citizens get from oil. However, the amount goes directly to the lender – and yes, students you pay tax on the repayment (which at even 30% is a 70% savings to students). Should the universities resist-  20% of all new state and or federal grants – per contract - which otherwise goes to University overhead (often a charge of 70% to over 100%) should be suspended put into escrow. Should a University or College play a shell game with allocating its overhead charge, treble damages and legal fees paid to the debt forgiveness fund.

(You do the crime ((ok price gouging or incompetent)) - 1967 Denver University tuition was $1500 which given the cumulative consumer price index of inflation should be $10, 627 but is now $43,164 for a $120,000 cost over inflation adjusted – you pay on your dime. Universities are not professor and administrator transfer/welfare payments. See more PART II)

Furthermore, fire all administration on a Friday with the task, if they wish to be rehired, or proving per zero based budgeting why on a cost benefit basis (sans any cumbaya, leaving multisyllabic motherhood and obfuscations with their local Starbucks barista) why they should be rehired. By the following Monday their cost benefit analysis should be provided. (If they indicate more time is needed that is prima facie evidence indicating the lack of value their position provides. If there is great value provided and evidence based – there is no question – the administrator can provide the evidence readily.)

Terminate all future tenure - instead offering 3 - 5 year contracts as tenure was to protect academic freedom which 1) wrongful termination laws now exist 2) if anything faculty has engaged in the censorship and suppression of the academic freedom upon which tenure was based.

Last but not least - the non tenured are treated like indentured slaves on the university plantation (the only thing missing is the Yes Ma'am yes, Master intonations and the scarf around the hair (though kissing ass and prostituting one's academic beliefs has taken these artifacts place) - and paid as such - at colleges and universities. Getting rid of future tenure releases resources not only to fund The Feel The Bern Bailout but to recognize merit rather than longevity sitting on one's tuchis with yellowed course notes.

The Feel The Bern Student Loan Bailout Fund - 'shared sacrifice' for Universities, Scholar Barren Tenured Professors, & Bloated Administrators....Cumbaya.

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