Sunday, April 24, 2016

Exodus - Living 'For,' Living 'To,' & 'Living Be-'CAUSE' - A Passover Blog

 Exodus – Out Of & Out Toward: A Passover Exercise

In working on the 3rd edition of ENOUGH (working title: ENOUGH(sm): Jewish Personal Financial Life Planning©) in particular creating the new chapter of said name and updating the chapter More vs ENOUGH(sm) as well as The Soul Resume: After Life Insurance(c), three critical questions evolved which may be useful for Passover as we observe the Exodus (going OUT of - while going TOWARD) - as an 'inside out process'.

             What do you: Live ‘For,’ Live ‘To,’ Live ‘Be-Cause

·         Live For –(whom, what)
·        Live To (continue i.e.. continuing to  complete incompletions in one's soul, or work on your Chevy Vintage Chevelle?)–
·         Live Be-‘Cause’ (inside out)
(Please notice - the inside out approach in this exercise) - and the bold in 'Cause' (as in one's causes)- the external starting from the 'Be' (internal) - inside out ('Be' starts first.)

            Live For, Live To, Live Be-'Cause'...???

While the Exodus is -  leaving from - the questions to ask then 'what is one leaving towards' as we leave our Egypts (restrictions, limitations, narrow places) this Passover?

Follow UP

Guirjieff once stated that you can’t tell a prison to escape from a prison if he doesn’t know he is in prison.
And escaping one prison cell into another – is not an escape, let alone an exodus from slavery – just another form of incarceration. Thus, the requirement of not only an escape from the slavery – the bondage – but the aim – the goal in the escape from & the advancement towards – the live for, the live to, the live be-‘cause’ – otherwise – one’s has just chosen another different  prison cell. 

And what does this have to do with ENOUGH(sm): Jewish Personal Financial Life Planning© - let alone ENOUGH(sm)? 
Everything if the aim of personal financial life planning is just a tool for:

"Healing personal financial anxiety, putting money in it place, to elevate, transcend and connect to one's signification/assignment what one is meant to do, meant to be - enough to live for, enough to live on"(c) 

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